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ET-508 Alphasearch Search & Name Game


Box size : (11.5 inch x 2 inch x 10 3/4 inch) (292 mm x 51 mm x 273 mm)
Game board size : (18 inch x 2 inch) (457mm x 457mm)


PLAYERS: 2-4 players
� 16-pcs. Puzzle Frame/Score Bar
� 9 Picture Collage Tiles
� 26 Alphabet Cards
� 26 Picture-Word Cards
� 2 Wild Cards
� 2 Bonus Badges
� 44 Colored Tokens


Game Set-Up
1.Prepare the game board by assembling the puzzle frame or Score Bar first.
2.Place 9 Picture Collage Tiles in the middle of the frame in any order you like.
3.Each player gets 11 same Colored Tokens and cover the word ALPHASEARCH on the score bar in front of them.
4.Pick 1 or 2 sets of cards to play with, Alphabet and/or Picture-Word Cards.
5.Shuffle the cards well and place the pile face-down beside the player.
6.The youngest player goes first, then players take turns clockwise.
7.In every round. each player takes 1 Colored Token from the score bar, starting from the first letter of ALPHASEARCH, A and so on.
8.Before a new game starts, makes sure to reshuffle the picture collage tiles in the middle of the board.


� The player who uses up all of his/her colored tokens and the word ALPHASEARCH is revealed on the score bar wins!


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Alphasearch Search & Name Game

SKU: ET-508
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