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ET-551 Pirates & Mermaids Sea Adventure Memory Game


Box size : (8 3/8inch x 6 1/8inch x 1 1/4inch) (212mm x 155mm x 32mm)
Game board size : (2inch x 2inch) (51mm x 51mm)



PLAYERS: 1-4 players
CONTENTS: 36 games tiles (18 pairs)

OBJECTIVES: Find as many matching tiles as you can. Once all the tiles are matched up, the player with the most matching tiles wins!


1. Carefully remove all game tiles from the board.
2. Put the tiles face down and mix them up.
3. Arrange the tiles in 6 rows across and 6 rows down, using all 18 pairs. For younger children, you may play with 9 pairs or less.


1. Players take turns, going around to the left. The youngest player goes first. Turn over any (2) tiles completely, one-at-a-time, so all players can see and  remember the pictures.


• A MATCH: if the two (2) tiles are a match, then keep the pair of matching tiles. Then go again until you miss.


•A MISS: if the two (2) tiles don't match. then turn them back over face down exactly in the same place where they were. All players must try to remember which pictures were on these tiles for later in the game!

• Now it's the next player's turn.


2. The game continues until all tiles have been matched up and removed from the playing area. All players then count up their matching pairs.



 This is an excellent practice for developing concentration and memory skills. Just set up the game as described, using any number or pairs, and count the number of turns it takes you to match them all. Try to improve with each game you play.



 This classic gameof picture matching has long been a favorite game for all generations. You're sure to have fun pairing up different exciting pictures as it requires observations, concentration and a good memory to win.


 Take a selfie shot of any of the memory game tiles and post it on: (facebook: JC Lucas Kids)



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JOYTOY Pirates & Mermaids Sea Adventure Memory Game

SKU: ET-551
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