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NV-1153 Mini Bunch Footlong Coinbank


Manufacturing paper products since 1962, JC Lucas Creative Products Inc. guarantees only the best in every product. We use high-quality and recyclable raw materials to ensure that our products are not only safe for your child but also safe for the environment. Our products are also proudly Philippine made and manufactured. We hope each of our educational toys will bring a smile to your child’s face and make learning fun and enjoyable each time.


A wonderful way to teach young children how to save money. Whether a superhero or princess coinbank, children will surely have fun saving their centavos and peso coins. Savings is just a drop away!


Height: (12 inch) (306 mm)
Diameter: (3 inch) (85 mm)


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JOYTOY Mini Bunch Footlong Coinbank

SKU: NV-1153
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